About Us

Sumglex Europe Corp establish 2002 year in China .We are specialy industrial printing solutions and custom automation printing machine manufactory in China.We are have many years expencience in high technical require printing machine making.


We engineered printing solutions offers a range of fully-automated industrial mainly customized big automatic pad printing machine ,automatic silk screen machine,automatic hot foil printing machine,automatic wet cold glue label machine and full self-adhesive labelling machines system equipment etc to meet our customers’ needs.
Customer Partnerships in all whole world.


Sumglex Europe Corp Sales & Engineering teams customers in the world seven continent . We can ensure quality is very success. Our machine negligible maintenance. Entire accssorie  is super quality internation famour brand. You can buy some of them in verywhere in the world whent the machine need repaire change some old accessoires .


We plan and collaborate with you to create a machine that satisfies your requirements 100%. Then we guide you through setup and training with world-class support.Client technical can free study machine operate 7-20days in our factory.Sumglex Europe Corp can on attaining perfection in Customer Service and Satisfaction。

Sumglex Europe Corp has follow printing machine product:


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