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General Details

Sealed cup pad printer is sealed ink cup pad printer.Sumglex 1 color pad printing machine
have a sealed inking system environmental protection, enabling color changes to be made
quickly and less fumes are released in the environment.

Our sealed ink cup pad printer has heavy duty supreme.It has varied specifications ,you
can adjustable east in all directions (X-Y-Z-R axes) on the machine operator panel .Also
you can operate by machine control panel set speed, pickup and print strokes etc.


Sumglex sealed ink cup one color pad printer part accessoires is Janpanese SMC or German
FESTIO , It is negligible maintenance in industria product logo printing .

Our close ink cup pneumatic pad printer can high speed printing excellent printing
product.The cycle idea design speed of machine is 2000 strokes/ hour.But operator and ink
limitations and other event allow us to realistically calculate production based on 1700 to
1800 cycles per hour.

Please watch pad tampo printing machine vedio link to get one color printing machine detail




one color pad printer machine link :


3 colors close ink cup pad printer machine link :

Watch above sealed cup pad printer vedio link ,Our one color printing machine is easy to
operate user friendly interface. You no any worried about any question during producess .
We manufacturer high qualtiy tampo printer for your industria volum printing.



Sealed cup pad printing machine can automotic manufacturing assembly workshop lines,
tampografia serve industrial product marking logo ,Also consumer gift product decorating
needs .

Buy sealed cup pad printer from Sumglex Europe Corp in china with usually at a economical
prices for you .

Repairs, spares and maintenance

Our all cheap wet glue labeling machine manufacturer can offer supreme quality excellent functionality labelmachine .They are hassle-free operation user friendly interface PLC control system and negligible maintenance .The air bar accessoires and spares is famous
brand Germam FESTIO or Japanes SMC and OMRON .

We can tell you how to repair them accord photo vedio state if you send the question and list the issues the machine has question.we can then advice on the necessary repair or supply spare parts for you to fix the machine.Then send some spares to client for change
bad spares by yourself . We will go to your company repair maintenance machineou if your technical can not slove it .


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