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sakurai screen printing machine+used

sakurai screen printing machine+used

sakurai screen printing machine+used is named screen silk printing machine or screen printer press or digital printing machine equipment.

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email: Skype:secadae website: Mobile: 0086-0134 1746 0946 contacter :Ms Ada sakurai screen printing machine+used Sumglex Europe Corp sakurai screen printing machine+used is a printing high technique sakurai screen printing machine+used leader manufature in China. sakurai screen printing machine+used uses a woven mesh to support an ink-blocking stencil to receive a desired image. The attached stencil forms open areas of mesh that transfer ink or other printable materials which can be pressed through the mesh as a sharp-edged image onto a substrate. A fill blade or squeegee is moved across the screen stencil, forcing or pumping ink into the mesh openings for transfer by capillary action during the squeegee stroke. Basically, it is the process of using a stencil to apply ink onto another material whether it be t-shirts, posters, stickers, vinyl, wood, or any material that can keep the image onto its surface. sakurai screen printing machine+used is also known as silkscreen, serigraphy, and serigraph printing. A number of screens can be used to produce a multicolored image or design.Sumglex Europe Corp sakurai screen printing machine+used machine with high quality and cheapest price. Sumglex Europe Corp sakurai screen printing machine+used air press accssories is German FESTO or Japanese SMC famous brand . Sumglex sakurai screen printing machine+used has easy operate and quality is stabiliz merite . sakurai screen printing machine+used feature : flat screen printer technical specifications model worktable size(mm) max. printing area(mm) max.frame size(mm) max.print height(mm) max.print speed(pcs/hr) power supply V/Hz air pressure(bar) JN-2030P 300*400 200*300 350*520 80 1000 110v/220v,50Hz/60Hz 6 JN-400P 300*500 250*350 400*600 60 1500 JN-3050P 400*600 300*500 500*700 60 1300 JN-4060P 500*700 400*600 600*850 60 1000 JN-TM4060P 500*700 400*600 700*900 50 800 JN-5070P 600*800 500*700 700*950 60 600 JN-6090P 700*1000 600*900 800*1100 60 600 JN-OA6090P 750*1000 600*900 900*1200 40 800 JN-700110P 800*1200 700*1100 900*1450 40 1000 JN-OA70100P 850*1100 700*1000 1000*1300 40 1000                 cylindric screen printer technical specifications model max. printing area(mm) max.workpiece gradient(mm) max.print speed(pcs/hr) power supply V/Hz power (W) air pressure(bar) JN-300E DIR 87mm,270*270mm 15° 1200 110v/220v,50Hz/60Hz 50 6 JN-400E DIR 117mm,360*220mm 15° 1200 JN-400N DIR 295mm,300*360mm 15° 1000 JN-600E DIR 180mm,220*570mm 15° 1000 JN-700E DIR 215mm,350*670mm 15° 1000 JN-1200E DIR 375mm,420*1170mm 15° 800 1. The substrate holder can be adjusted to meet the application, and micro-adjustment in vertical, transversal or tilting direction is available. 2. Precision multi-color printing through synchronizes transmission of gear and rack with the proper use of work piece jig. 3. Printing stroke can be adjusted laterally to suit various screen plate size. 4. Equipped with shock absorber, providing precise and stable operations for multi-color printing. 5. Engineering design delivers convenience loading and unloading of work piece for safe and efficient operation