cold glue bottle labeling machine for glass bottles

Cold glue bottle labeling machine is named wet glue bottle labeling machine.Sumglex wet glue labeling machine manufacturer Produce quantity : 10 000 to 12 000 pcs/hour no matter one lable ,two label and three labelers by once. It is fit for high quantity glass bottles labeler equipment system.

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General Details

Cold glue bottle labeling machine is wet glue bottle labeling machine high speed and
lowest afford price.sumglex wet glue labeling machine manufacturer can design and product
very high technical quality machine syestem china.wet glue labeling machine manufacturer
custom varied specifications alcohol,bottle,cans,round can,tins,metal tin etc homehouse and
electrial accessories glue labeling systems .




Sumglex Europe Corp alcohol ,bottle,round can,metal tin wet glue label machine for
bottles is energy efficient high ‘s wet glue label applicator machine.It can save glue and
label due to strip gluing system can to 30% to 50% cost . It will no label loading if the
conveyor has no bottle ,Also not wasetage glue if no label.


On other way ,it has a built in jamming sensor to avoid damage/breakage to object at in
feed worm wheel synchronized speed of label application with gluing.





Sumglex cheap cold glue bottle labeling machine very easy operate for anyone technical due
to the friendly PLC touch screen control system.It is easy adjust label height on object by
the machine roll and machine mechinal.





It is fit for single label ,two double label,twins label or three label on different side
of alcohol ,bottle,cans,round can,tins,metal tin,household and boxs etc industries product.



cold glue bottle labeling machine

cold glue bottle labeling machine





Super high speed run ablility: Per hour stick quantity from 10 000 to 12 000 pcs/hour no
matter single label ,two labers or three labels in different site of product. The unmatched
performance high speed can save much electrial cost in per hour.

Please watch our vedio link to know more :

1.cylindrical beer bottle two labels machine

2.square bottles double sides label machine

3.large oil barrel labeling machine



cold or wet glue require as follow :
cold dextrine base glue or other glue which does not create any fibres or threading during
rotation, water soluble glue is required .

Sumglex Europe Corp excellent function wet glue labeler machine with affordable Pricechina
.please buy cold glue bottle labeling machine from us .

Repairs, spares and maintenance

Our all cheap wet glue labeling machine manufacturer can offer supreme quality excellent
functionality labelmachine .They are hassle-free operation user friendly interface PLC
control system and negligible maintenance .The air bar accessoires and spares is famous
brand Germam FESTIO or Japanes SMC and OMRON .


We can tell you how to repair them accord photo vedio state if you send the question and
list the issues the machine has question.we can then advice on the necessary repair or
supply spare parts for you to fix the machine.Then send some spares to client for change
bad spares by yourself . We will go to your company repair maintenance machineou if your
technical can not slove it .


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